Friday, August 26, 2011

The best contraceptive ever.

Look, I confess, I love to see people suffering in the gym,
I know this is not a very noble sentiment, but I need to feel accepted in the environment I live in. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I'm not the only one who 
will wake up the next day all sore and have to be in sex abstinence for the next month days but because of the hard time I was exposed to this week I will be good and put the evil voyeurism to one side so that I can give you one piece of advice:
Look closely, but very closely at the above picture! When you see one of these, colourful or not, even at a long distance in the Gym, or if you just hear about this new form of torture...... called Kettlebells, run, skip, hide!
unless you are single, have low libido, adhering to sadomasochism or dont want getting pregnant, it is the best contraceptive ever and I'm sure it does not fail.

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Aroldo Oliveira said...

Oi Karine, poderia entrar em contato comigo pelo quando possível, obrigado.

Aroldo Oliveira